As top golfers played their rounds in the US Masters pictures of the stunning greens beamed into homes across the country. The grass at the Augusta National course is the envy of every gardener and golfer in the world with its picture-perfect appearance.

Now a gardening expert has revealed how you can get your grass looking as luscious as the home of the Masters. Steve Taylor, lawn expert at GreenThumb, said: “Augusta National’s grass is one of the most beautiful in the world; well-kept and the envy of every gardener who watches the tournament. However, there are steps you can take to make your grass look as luscious as the grass at the Masters.”

Steve, advises that, firstly, you need to make sure you’re using the right kind of mower. A cylinder or rotary mower with a roller will achieve great results and stripes.

He went on: "Secondly, make sure your lawn is well cared for before cutting. Consistent feeding and watering will help the grass settle into a programme of care, ensuring you can maintain a lush green lawn.”

The Masters likes its fairways as it likes its blazers, solid green. No vertical striping or crisscross mowing patterns. The fairways are cut in one direction, usually from green to tee and Steve says Brits can achieve this at home by mowing their lawn in one direction.

Regarding length, Steve suggests that unless you’re looking to host your own major golf championship in your garden, 25mm is more than short enough. But whatever you do getting your grass exactly like that of the Masters would be a tough challenge.

Steve added: “Homeowners would have to make looking after their lawn a full-time occupation, with daily mowing and care, to achieve the exacting specifications of the Masters, along with purchasing some very expensive equipment. GreenThumb recommends mowing your lawn at least once a week, possibly every five days, and no shorter than 50mm in Summer and 25mm in Spring and Autumn.”

At the end of this Major Championship dead patches of grass can be seen where the patrons have walked. This is natural wear and tear and something homeowners could experience after a summer full of BBQs and garden get-togethers.

Steve also has some tips for giving new life to these areas of grass, he said: “Firstly rake out the dead area, add new grass seed and top-dress with organic topsoil, water and apply fertiliser. Do not forget to water the new seed in, and before long, your grass will be as good as new. It’s like we always say at GreenThumb, water and feed the seed.”

Finally, Steve asks homeowners struggling to get the perfect lawn to remember one key secret fact about the Masters. “Remember, Augusta National are known for painting bare grass green to disguise any dry patches and the water contains food dye to maintain its immaculate sheen, so don’t be fooled.”

If homeowners want to take their grass to the next level of luscious green though, GreenThumb’s six-step Lawn Refresh programme will transform your lawn, just in time for summer. For more information on keeping your garden lush this summer or for professional help with your lawn treatments visit GreenThumb.